Financial/Economic Current Affairs Quiz – 6

1. How much subsidy did Goverment recently decided to give to BPL Families on Dal Ration 

 Rs. 20
Rs. 25
Rs. 30
Rs. 50
( Ans – 1)

2Economist Intelligence Unit(EIU)‘s recent world food security index report 2012 ranked US at the top across 105 countries. What was India’s ranking in this list ?

( Ans – 1)

3. Government recently decided to buy 55.57% stake in IFCI to make it a state owned – PSU. IFCI Stands for –

 Infrastructure and Finance Corporation of India
Industrial Finance Corporation of India
Industrial Finance Consultancy of India
Industrial Finance Committee of India
( Ans – 2)

4. RBI recently Formed a special committee named FIAC under Deputy governor K C Chakrabarty for better implementation of Financial Inclusion in country. (Financial Inclusion means bringing rural and BPL people under purview of banking services).

FIAC Stands for –

 Financial Inclusion Augmentation Committee
Financial Inclusion Addition Committee
Financial Inclusion Advisory Committee
Financial Induction Advisory Committee
( Ans – 3)

5. The Government owned bank that was recently given Best bank and Financial Institution award 2012 ?

 Bank of India
Punjab National Bank
Bank of Baroda
State Bank of India
( Ans – 2)

6. RBI in its Quarterly Monetary Policy Review for Q2 (July – Sep 2012) decided to Cut CRR (Cash Reserve Ratio) by 25 basis points. New value of CRR Stands at –

 4.75 %
4.25 %
4.50 %
4 %
( Ans – 2)

7. In a recent global hunger index issued by IFPRI (International Food Policy Research Institute), India was ranked at which position- ?

( Ans – 1)

8. In the recent Economic freedom list issued by canada based Fraser Institute, India was ranked at 111th position. Which country was ranked at the top ?

Hong Kong
( Ans – 3)

9. India’s CAD (Current Account Deficit) has been what percent of GDP in Q1 (Apr – June) of 2012 – 13 ?

 3.9 %
4.4 %
4.1 %
4 %
( Ans – 1)

10. Government recently decided to combine Capital Markets Regulator SEBI, Insurance Regulator IRDA, Pension Regulator PFRDA and Forward Markets Commission (FMC) into a single entity called UFA.

What Does UFA Stands for –

 Unified Financial Agency
Unique Financial Agency
Unified Financial Advisory
Unique Financial Advisory
( Ans – 1)

11. Which of these has recently been approved as India’s Third Stock Exchange ?

( Ans – 1)

12. RBI recently signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with State Bank of which country to promote mutual financial co-operation ?


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